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Boot Camp

Come & join our team for the ultimate experience in outdoor training TLC has the perfect program for you where you can lose up to 8kg in as little as 6 weeks.
Whether it’s you first time or you’re an elite athlete, our sessions are structured to suit the beginners and are challenging enough for those who are looking for an intense workout.
Programs are designed to improve core strength and stability, improve cardio vascular health and to tone and tighten the body.
Programs include (Gloves and inners are provided):
• Boxing
• Kickboxing
• Strength training
• Endurance training
• Fitness training
• Weight loss & toning
• Circuit training
TLC has male and female trainers who are committed to guiding and changing your lifestyle. We will show you how to get fitter, healthier and increase your metabolism while exercising outdoors which is fun, effective and full of variety.
All sessions are from 45min – 1hr and run for 6 weeks at a time. All clients will get measurements and will get nutrition coaching throughout the 6 weeks