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TLC Health and Fitness will give you peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy your TLC Health and Fitness experience!
Members with children may drop them off in our comfortable child minding area.
Here at TLC health and Fitness children enjoy a friendly, safe, and happy environment. The creche has been thoughtfully designed to create a friendly and fun atmosphere for every child. There is plenty to entertain even the most active child, plus space for quieter play. Activities include drawing, reading, puzzles and our friendly Staff are more than happy to get involved and create a fun and happy environment.
Our competent and qualified staff will care for and supervise your child and keep them entertained and happy while you enjoy a great, worry-free workout or other group fitness services.
Rules and Regulations
1. The Creche is available to all members and their guests to prevent overcrowding and to maintain a proper supervison, please inform reception as bookings may be required during peak times.
2. Children 3 months to 12 years are allowed to use the child care centre.
3. TLC Health and Fitness reserve the right to remove children who are perceived to pose a danger to themselves or others.
4. Parents and legal guardians must remain in TLC Health and Fitness premises while children are using this service.
5. The parent who drops off the child must be the parent picking up the child.
6. We would like parents to sign in and sign out and TLC Health and Fitness, we also require parent/guardian photo identification.
7. Only parents and legal guardians are permitted to bring children into the child care centre.
8. Parents are responsible for changing children’s nappies.
9. Baby needs and comfort items such as blankets and stuffed animals are permitted and must be labeled.
10. No food, gum or candy is allowed in the child care centre.
11. Toys from home are not allowed in the child care centre.
12. Pre-made bottles are permitted for infants only and must be used under supervision.
13. Please bring drink bottle with water only, are permitted and must be labeled. No juice or milk.
14. Parents will be called if a child cannot be comforted from crying after 10 minutes.
15. Two-hour stay limit for children 3 months to confidently walking.
16. TLC Health and Fitness reserve the right to suspend centre privileges to parents who do not pick up their children on time.
17. TLC Health and Fitness are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
18. Child care centre hours are subject to change to serve member needs better.