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This involves a combination of boxing drills and body weight circuits designed to blow torch fat and boost overall fitness.

Fat loss circuit

This class involves a combination of weights and cardio that is specifically designed to target your bodyfat, and get you lean fast. This is a moderate intensity class.

Abs butt & thighs (ABT)

ABT is perfect for women looking to target those common problem areas and wanting to sculpt a lean and firm physique.

Zumba classes are a high energy dance workout that combines simple Latin and urban dance moves to create excitement and increase energy levels. A Zumba fitness routine includes interval-training, fast and slow rhythms with resistance exercises that successfully tone and sculpt the body while burning fat.

A great way to tone and trim your lower body while increasing your fitness and energy levels. Guaranteed to leave you sweating and feeling amazing. A huge calorie burner!



If you’re looking to sculpt a fit and firm physique, then this is the class for you. It involves a full body workout with minimal equipment designed to boost your metabolism.

Pilates is an exercise method which focuses on improving flexibility and strength for the overall body, but does not build bulk. Pilates involves concentration and the co-operation of breath and movement, thereby helping to balance mind and body.


Yoga is an ancient discipline which combines a mind and body approach to your well being. Yoga in an excellent antidote to stress and is noted for making major improvements to flexibility


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