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Special features of our Personal training Program at TLC: TLC has highly motivated, and qualified personal trainers all specialising with their own specialties in helping you reach your fitness goals and maintaining you lifestyle change. Benefits of choosing TLC personal trainers: • We provide thorough supervision. We make sure we teach you the right techniques so as to lessen incidents of injury and training mishaps. • We bring out the best in you. We follow a program that allows you to maximise your potential – physically, mentally and emotionally. • We offer a stimulating program. Our program has a variety of workouts that take out the boredom of routine, making your exercises exciting and something to look forward to. • We cover all aspects of physical health. We aim for the whole thing – our program pursues the improvement of all facets of your physical well-being : endurance, strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. • We ensure that you are constantly motivated. Realising that the key to success is the constant and consistent feeling of enthusiasm, interest and commitment toward the end goal, our program has developed special techniques that help keep you committed to your goal.